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4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Baltimore, MD
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great Product, Don't Let The Price Stop You!
July 26, 2012
I thought twice about purchasing this because of the price. I used prescription shampoo before and once I thought about the trip to the dermatologist and then the cost of the shampoo, the $27 seemed like such a bargain. I have only used the shampoo once and it really worked. I did not have any dandruff at all and was able to wear my flat iron style (great thanks to Diva Smooth) for almost two weeks. Ordinarily, I would start to see many flakes after a week or so. I would still recommend using a good moisturizing shampoo before and a good conditioner.

K Mitch
Denver, CO
5 Stars
Nothing else compares...
October 8, 2010
I've had issues with dry scalp since I was a child...Having locks for the past 5 years, and even prior to having them, I've tried just about every product out there. Using dandrene 2x a week on a consistent basis leaves my scalp extremely healthy, WITHOUT severely drying out my hair or leaving any heavy residue like most of the tar based treatments. HIGHLY recommend anybody to try this, it's well worth the investment and the bottle lasts a surprisingly long time if applied appropriately.

Gulfport, MS
3 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
so far so good
July 9, 2010
I have locks and a very dry scalp. I have only used the product once and haven't seen as half as many dandruff and large flakes. It is expensive but if it works I will definitely purchase more can't wait to wash with it again.

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