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By Diana
Hawthorne, CA
Diva Smooth- Hair Smoothing Agent
June 28, 2014
I really like tis product although it was extremely sticky and smelled like honey. It did an excellent job on my hair and that's a plus in my book. Sorry to see that it's been discontinued already.
By Robyn
Northern, New Jersey
Heat Protectant
May 6, 2014
Basically Diva Smooth is a heat protectant that seals the hair cuticle and prevents damage from heat appliances. I have very thick, z curl hair and found this product very helpful in elongating my natural curls when I went from straight to curly. When using this product, my hair is healthy, easier to detangle and has a wonderful shine. I applied it on clean, conditioned wet hair and warmed it through for easier application. I had no problems washing it out with warm water. I continued with my hair regimen for straightening. My hair reverted back to my curls on the next wash and I less shrinkage! Loved that!!! I stopped using this product for a while and found a picture of a great natural curly hair day and remembered this was the product I was using at the time. I am going to purchase it again, hope the formulation is the same!
By Pam
Work well
July 6, 2013
This product works well. It made my hair soft and slick. I didn't straighten my hair but next time I use it I will to see how it works.
By Kris D.
worth every penny
April 6, 2013
When a friend of mine turned me on to this product i was skeptical about the price and the stickiness. After trying it for myself and my twin girls im hooked. I'Ve been natural for 1 1/2 years now and this product helps to protect my hair from the heat of my blow dryer and flat iron. That is essential for when i do my length checks but still want my hair to revert back to its curl pattern. Its nice to have the freedom to switch up my look without damaging my hair. Love the product.Worth the time it takes to apply and worth the money. My little princesses love their at home beauty shop experience.
Best UsesFor temporary straightening of the hair without the damage or long term commitment of a relaxer. Ideal for straightening children's hair for special occassions or just to make it more manageable for regular styling.
By Joel
Chicago, IL
Great Stuff
April 3, 2013
I love it.
Best Useshair
By Tiffany M.
January 12, 2013
I purchased this item some months back and it is working really well for me. I was a skeptic because I've tried so many products on my thick hair that is hard to tame. This product leaves my hair manageable, shiny, and healthy. When I go to my hairstylist to have my hair pressed it looks even better, she even noticed the difference! I just love this product! It made my transition from perm even easier.
ProsMy hair looks beautiful after I use it! My hair never looked so healthy and shiny. Easy to use and easy to follow instructions.
ConsA little messy and clumpy at times.
By Maya
Los Angeles, CA
Good product
August 17, 2012
This product can be very messy but it does a good job at assisting w/straightening the hair. I noticed a noticeable difference between using this w/ heat compared to using heat alone. The silky look does stay for a few weeks when you apply heat again. It does not make the hair straight upon application nor is it straight after you rinse it out. The silky straight look comes w/ the application of a flat iron. I have used this product for years and probably will continue.
By Claudette
Miami, Fl
Never again!
July 17, 2012
My experience with this product is that I will never ever purchase it again. It is way too sticky and messy! It clung to my hair and pulled it out during the smoothing process. For the brief moment of smoothness one gets from using this product, it is not worth the money, time or effort. I have found a new use for the remainder of the product.... put it on paper and string and use as an insect catcher.
By Willaproductions
Fairbanks, Alaska
March 25, 2012
The Diva Smooth has been a miracle worker for my hair. I live in Alaska and it is very cold and dry! This product completely protects my hair against it all. Before, my hair was always breaking. I have natural curly hair that curls into very tiny spirals. I tried braids for two years straight but that severely broke my natural hair at the new growth. Been using Dive Smooth for about three months and I LOVE IT!!
ProsIt completely protects the hair producing healthy growing hair.
ConsI have to order it from online and it only comes in 8 oz bottles.
By Regina
March 25, 2012
I have used the product for ove 2 years. It is great and your delivery time is on time.
By Dee
Morrisville, NC
Diva Smooth
March 12, 2012
I used Diva smooth on both me and my two daughters (3 yrs and 11 yrs). It worked great. We all have thick, coarrse hair and Diva Smooth definately "tamed" us down. I left it on my daughter for 2 hours ( because I was cleaning the house and lost track of time). She was about to wear her hair straight all week for school and easily comb it herself in the mornings. I would defintely recommend it to anyone who wanted a straight style while remaining natural.
ProsEverything. Smells great. Not only leaves your hair straight and manageble but extra soft!
ConsIf you put it on heavily (like I did), you will have worry about the product dripping from under the plastic cap
By Nivib
Atlanta, GA
Diva Smooth
February 7, 2012
It was very sticky!! But..I liked it and will use it again. It a great pair with the Coconut oil serum as well...purchase both!!
Prosdefinitely added shine and smoothness to my hair
Conssticky and a bit hard to apply
By Nille
February 4, 2012
I applied this product as directed, but when it came time to wash it out, the Diva Smooth WOULD NOT WASH OUT of my hair! It took several shampoos and tons of dantangler and cream conditioners to comb the sticky residue out of my hair! Even the coconut serum did not help get the out. If you have thick, curly natural hair DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! It was a nightmare. The only reason I'm giving this product even one star is because this format requires a rating.
Merchant Response:Many women with very thick, curly natural hair have been very pleased with this product. It should not be this difficult to remove when used as directed.
By Lisa A.
Phoenix, AZ
Quite satisfied!
December 4, 2011
I've just tried Diva Smooth and am very impressed with the results. My hair looks almost as good as when my professional stylist did it. I have relaxed my hair, but thought I would try this instead of another chemical touch-up. It takes less time, smells wonderful, and my hair looks great. This is only my first use, so I am curious to see how it holds up over the next month. So far, though, I'm sold!
ProsExcellent results, smells wonderful (as long as you like the smell of honey).
ConsIt's sticky... but it's mostly honey, so that's to be expected.
By Maria
Spotsylvania, VA
Diva Smooth
November 17, 2011
Diva Smooth worked good for me, I was between perms and really didn't want to get another one too soon because I have a lot of shedding since the weather changed. I wanted to wait 8 weeks before putting more chemicals in my hair, this product straightened my hair in the roots enough so that I can go the full 8 weeks.
ProsI liked the end results, it did smooth out my roots and made my hair softer.
ConsIt was a lot of work putting it on the hair in my scalp as recommended. It consistancy was hard to work with, but I was determined.
By Sarah
Swannanoa, NC
Amazing moisture!
October 29, 2011
I have thinning, frizzy, dry flyaway hair. To say that I am on an endless search for a hair product that locks moisture into my hair is an understatement! Diva Smooth definitely delivers!! First the product literally smells like honey. In fact it feels just like honey that has been watered down. Application is easy albeit a little messy. The length of my very thin hair comes to the bottom of my ears and I have half a bottle left after 8 applications. Diva Smooth has taken care of all of my hair woes. When I couple this with the natural-laxer sold by Treasured Locks my hair is so silky, smooth, shiny and strong! Both products have become staples in my beauty regime. You will not waste your money on this product -- it is highly recommended. P.S. I do not use a flat iron on my hair even though Diva Smooth is geared for use with a flat iron. I feel the results are just as dramatic with or without.
ProsIt works!
ConsSticky and a bit messy to apply on the hair
By Wendy
Springfield, IL
It worked!
October 19, 2011
I used this product yesterday and i am very pleased with the results. It smoothed my hair and it feels silky and softer. I could feel the difference after I rinsed it out immediately. I followed all of the instructions to make sure I didnīt interrupt the process by user error. It goes on very thick so I had to be careful that I didnīt pull the hair out as I worked it in. That is the only con that I found so far. It has a beautiful smoothing affect. My hair is natural and subject to frizz in humid weather. It is not humid right now here in Illinois, but this is still better than regular results without any treatment.
ProsI like that the ingredients are natural and there is nothing toxic about it. It rinsed very well and there is no fear of leaving product on the hair. I used an herbal shampoo and an anti-frizz conditioner and it did not seem to interrupt the desired effect nor strip the product from my hair
ConsCare needs to be taken to apply it so that the hair is not pulled as it is applied as the product is very thick.

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