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4 Stars based on 19 Review(s)
Dallas, TX
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
February 27, 2016
I was looking for a more natural skin care line that would take care of my acne, but so far I wasn't very successful, until I tried HumiNature Acne. It worked wonders on my skin and worked quickly on my current break out. I am truly grateful to have found the product!

United States
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
great product
August 3, 2014
I love the feel of the of my skin. And am also impressed at how it is working on the dark spots and marks. I am yet to see progress on my acne, but i think its probably cause i just started using it. however it does do well with treating very oily skin and for that am impressed.

Virgin Islands (US) St. Croix
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great products
December 19, 2013
These products are amazing. My face was extremely broken out when I got these, then I started the refimen and I have to say my face has cleared up very much and my skin ton eis more even now. I will continu eto use and see my results.

United States
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great Stuff
July 23, 2013
After just one use, I instantly saw a difference in my skin. My face looked less oily and my skin felt softer. The astringent doesn't burn when I apply it to my skin which is a plus. I really like the clay mask as well, it doesn't feel irritating on the skin and my face feels flawless after I rinse it off. I'm someone who has spent tons of money on oil-fighting products and I think I have finally found one that works for me. THANK YOU!!

Dallas, TX
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
The best natural skin care regiment
May 29, 2012
As a young adult I have experienced acne due to sensitive skin and have tried a few different products that just didnt clear up my skin. Since using HumiNature I have had consistent results of clear skin and when I do get a break out the mask works wonders. The moisturizer feels light and the cleanser leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. I will definitley continue using this product and highly recommend it especially for those with sensitive skin.

Baltimore, MD
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Oil Be Gone
October 12, 2011
This stuff works! I have always had more of an oily skin type. After using this regimen, my skin looks and feels a lot better. Instead of oil, I now have a healthy fresh glow. It's not drying at all, it's just the right pH balance. Love this stuff.

Staten Island, NY
3 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
face product
August 7, 2011
great product makes my skin super soft

Fort Walton Beach
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
An awesome product...
June 5, 2011
I was very apprehensive about this set because I have very, very oily skin. I am currently deployed to Iraq ( which is 100+ degrees daily) and I needed a product to combat the oilyness. Well I can definately say this set WORKS!!!!!! The cleanser and toner are both very soothing and I love the smell. The deep C masque has a strong tingling sensation that is a little uncomfortable. But its not so bad that I wouldn't want to use it. Every single time I wash my face, it glows. And hours after I cleanse it still looks fresh and oil free. I have never used a product that could combat my oil and not be harsh on my sensitive skin. Gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Once again
April 4, 2011
Hello everyone. This is the same reviewer from the initial review in 2008. I just wanted to say it has been three years since I have been using this product and I remain happy and content with my clearer and smoother skin. This regimen works if you use it like you are supposed to and actually give yourself time to see the results. The masque is strong - yes but only because of the ingredients on there. With that said, you have to understand this product is for oily/ACNE related skin so if this does not apply to you, then this might not be the right product. The bottles are small, yes, but they should be able to last as long for 2 months - at least mine do. Anyhow, my face has been in excellent condition and I have often referred others to this product. Give yourself and your face time. Treasured Locks, I thank you because like I said before those other commercial products aggravated the daylights out of my face and just using this twice a day and the masque on the weekends, has really helped my face as well as my confidence. I will continue to buy and God forbid you guys ever go out of business- I will buy about 30 of these. I started with this product my freshman year of college when I went natural and now I am a senior about to graduate and loc'ed up and I can say my life has never been the same. Thanks and Blessings. :)

Richmond, VA
3 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Nice set, but didn't clear my skin
April 2, 2011
The cleanser is not too drying, but I needed a moisturizer or lotion with my dry/combination skin. Watch the clay around your mouth, it made my mouth area tingle a bit. The products don't smell too bad and are easy to use. I ran out of the clay and toner way before the cleanser. The cleanser easily lasts three months. I like the items in this set, but I think I have bigger problems with acne than just cleaning my face.

Pembroke, NC
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Worth a try
February 25, 2011
I have been using this for a month...does not dry out my skin...does not cause it to be oily...and it helps to smooth out my skin tone.

Pearl Harbor, HI
1 Stars
It's Not For Me
August 15, 2010
This Didn't Help My Skin At All. I Bought This Product With The Intentions That It Would Clear Up The Black Spots (Blemishes) In My Face.

Mary Anderson
Park Forest, Illinois
4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Huminature Acne Treatment
August 10, 2010
So far this product is o.k. The only thing that I don't like about this products is that the Masque burns a lot and then after it dries it goes away. However, my face seems like it gets more acne after the masques. But over I will get the product a 4.

Boynton Beach, Florida
5 Stars
Wonderful Product!
June 17, 2010
I did not think it would work; however, it is the best product I have ever used on my face. Do not hesitate to try this product just order it. It works for me, so I am sure it will work for you.

Boynton Beach, FL
5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
It works
June 8, 2010
WOW this is a miraculous product! On the second day of using this product I received a compliment. I thaaaaaaaank you God for nature, and I thank treasured locks for its product.

Cleveland, MS
4 Stars
HumiNature Skin Care
May 5, 2010
I am loving this product so far, it's only been about two weeks and I am seeing a big difference.

5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Love Love Love It
February 1, 2010
My skin is so much softer because of this system. I get so many complements, my complexion glows.

4 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Good System
January 29, 2010
This regimen is a good system for your skin. They work together to soften the skin and even tone. I will be trying the Avojoba wash simply because I love I've tried this HumniNature wash and would like to try some of their other cleansers with diff. ingredients, Im particularly interested in the Avocado Oil.

5 Stars

I would recommend this item to a friend.
Great skin care
January 9, 2010
I love this product! I was hesitant at first to make a judgment too soon but I am pleased to say that this regimen does all it claims to do. My face is clear, soft and healthy. I love all 3 products and I am happy I gave it a try. For anyone looking to get clearer, softer skin this product is worth it.

0 Stars
Review for
August 31, 2008
I was a little hesitant to try this at first, simply because I was going to pay $35 and some change. (I am a firm believer in getting your money's worth). However, I have purchased from Treasured Locks previously and they did not fail on that so I took the plunge! MAN, was it a plunge! My skin has never felt or looked healthier! I have had acne for as long as I can remember - the whole pus, blackheads, pimples and oily skin! My skin worsened to such a point that it would start itching and I would be scratching my face like I would with my scalp. But then Treasured Locks came at the precise time and I was SAVED from an ACNE DOOM! YOU HEAR ME! Before I used this, I tried St.Ives (which worked but it had too many ingredients that I could not pronounce), Pro Activ (worked, but I did not have the money like that and it is an ABSOLUTE MUST that you USE EVERYDAY otherwise your face will revert back to its past phase and I am the type that does not like to put a lot of gunk on my face and from time to time allow it breathe), Neutrogena (irritated my face) and other products. NONE CAN STEP UP TO THIS PRODUCT. I can actually pronounce the ingredients, the products last for two months, it's affordable and UH DUH PEOPLE IT WORK! Family and friends have noticed. My mom, who is usually trying to give me recommendations to clear my skin, has actually complimented me several times, up to the point where she wants me to PURCHASE some for HER!!! This past summer, my friend was staring at my face and she said, "WOW!!! Your face has cleared!" And sure enough, it has. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! This is my regimen until the day Treasured Locks stop selling! Thanks A LOT!

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