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By Yolanda
New York, NY
This Works!
December 3, 2012
I am on my second set and what a difference. I used this when I was growing out the texturizer in my hair (for the umpteenth time) and it helped during the times when I didn't go to the salon and I did my own hair. Usually when I blow dry and flat iron my hair I would have to use so much heat and it would take forever to blow dry my hair and it would still be left frizzy. Using these products together has eliminated the time it takes to do my own hair and the frizz. I did go back to the texturizer and I just used this set again and my hair looked amazing when I did it myself. I got so many compliments about how my hair looked. I am actually thinking about growing out the texturizer again and I know that these products will help with the transition. It makes my hair so soft and manageable. I love it and will continue to purchase this in the future. I know some people have complained about the consistency but the end result is so amazing who cares about the consistency. I have already recommended this product to my sister and her two daughters.
By Melissa
Jonesboro, GA
Where has this been all my life?
August 25, 2012
I can finally wear my hair straight without the use of chemicals. I even use this on my 10 & 11 year olds. It's GREAT!!!!
By Latonya
Baltimore, MD
Pretty Good, But It Could Be Me
July 17, 2012
I began the process with an open mind. I read the prior reviews and was expecting it to be a total mess and it wasn't at all. It dripped a tiny bit. That being said, however, I did not use very much of the product. I have more than three quarters of the bottle left, which may explain my rating of the product. I have long, wavier thin hair and I liked that the product gave me lots of body. That is something that a chemical relaxer never did. I concentrated my application of the product on the roots and they turned out great with minimal flat ironing. My hair was left wavier in some spots, but again this was probably me not applying enough or quite even enough. I only left the product on 30 minutes because my hair is thin and next time I'll remember my deep waves. I plan to use this again and on my daughter's hair.
By Natasha
Decatur, Georgia
July 7, 2012
A nice alternative for those who like the versatility of naturally curly hair and who would like to straighten it out every once in awhile. Even though this is the first time I am using Diva Smooth, it was easy to apply and I saw results instantly. I am really happy with this product; it is less intimidating than a keratin treatment.
By Sylvia
Brooklyn, NY
Just What I Wanted
April 22, 2012
This product is just what I was looking for. It straightens my hair and there is a bounce that chemically straightener do not do. If other customers were expecting their hair to be straight like a perm does, then they were expecting too much. The results I got was exactly what I wanted and I think with this product my hair will continue to be healthy.
By Christine
Diva Smooth and Shine Serum
April 16, 2012
The Diva smooth was kind of messy to work with ,maybe because it was the first time I'm SURE THE NEXT TIME it will be a lot easier . I really liked the results it was the first time this hairdresser had done "my hair" she had been giving me weaves for over a year,I have very thick hair and Diva smooth REALLY made my hair straight, smooth and healthy looking . It was a great transistion out of the weave it was not easy for people to tell the differences my Diva hair looks great THANK YOU!
By Willa Watts
Fairbanks, Alaska
Where have you been all my life?
March 10, 2012
I live in Alaska and my hair is very sensitive to dry weather. It requires moisture to be its best and Diva Smooth provides the moisture it needs to look georgeous. I have lived here for 13 years and have searched the whole while for Diva Smooth. It makes my hair plump instead of dry and limp. It gives my hair body and helps my hair curl because without it, my hair would not keep a curl. Diva Smooth is really easy to take care of and now in my natural state I have no worries about the next mornings hair routine. Bad hair days are even cute. I have tried all kinds of perms and had braids for the last two years but they all would just dry my hair out and make it brittle until it breaks. It would not grow cause the brreakage was faster then the growth.. I am really happy I have found Diva Smooth.
ProsQuick and easy to take care of. Helps my hair reach its greatest potential. No harsh chemicals.
ConsThere is no store here that sales it.
By Evelyne
Ellenton, FL
Does exactly what it claims.
February 21, 2012
I used it on my 6-year-old daughter's very curly hair. I would rate her as a 3-b, 3-c. (see 1st picture) She always wanted her hair to look straight for a few days. I would try straightening it with a curling iron once in a while, but usually before she gets out of the door it would curl up again. So I followed the instructions... I was simply amazed. Her hair was totally straight, shiny, and remained straight for 4 days. It started getting big on the 5th day, but, boy, did she love it. And the good news is after I washed it on the 7th day, her hair curled right back up, which tells me there was absolutely no damage from the heat. I will probably buy again in a few months, because I press her hair only for special occasions to humor her. To be honest, I think the serum is what does most of the job, because just out of curiosity, I tried pressing one little part without it and it did not look nearly close to the other parts. Unfortunetly, there isn't a lot of serum in this little bottle. My daughter has a lot of hair, so I had to use the whole bottle.
ProsDoes work. Keeps hair straight and shiny for up to 4 days.
ConsNot enough serum for a 2nd application if you have a lot of hair.
By 15 months natural.
Washington, DC area
Just ok...
February 8, 2012
I tried one application. It was just ok. Not great, but not bad, for me. Made my hair noticeably softer, but not necessarily straighter.
Conskind of messy.
By Ci
Atlanta, Ga
Great Product!
January 5, 2012
Its honey! It smells like honey, fells like honey and because I was curious... I know it taste like honey! When my hair has NEVER felt softer. It in no way altered my curl pattern, but when I flat ironed it with the Shine Coconut Serum ( when this serum is cold it is JUST like coconut like so be sure to run it under warm water to get it out) it was straight and soft. The only down side is that its VERY VERY VERY messy. If you have thick or big hair or your hair comes to your shoulders, I recommend getting an additional bottle. I Used the entire bottle and I was being conservative with application. It has not
ProsNatural Smells good Makes hair super soft Coconut Serum is AWESOME!
ConsVERY MESSY Expensive
By Teresa S
Giving this the benefit of the doubt...
January 3, 2012
I've used Diva Smooth three times on my 3C/4A shoulder-length natural hair, and I have to say that I haven't seen any real 'smoothing' effects. That said, may be it's me: (a) I wasn't sure whether to apply the product to wet hair or dry hair (so I've tried it both ways, it feels better, more 'slippery'--that is, when I use it on wet hair. On my dry hair, it's so sticky that I saw some breakage as I slicked it into my hair...); (b) My blow-drying skills aren't very good since I rarely use heat of any kind on my hair. But I don't know: just to make sure that I wasn't negating the good results of Diva Smooth with bad blow-drying technique, I also just applied the product, left it on for 45 minutes, and then just rinsed it out. Either way, I didn't really notice that my hair was really any smoother...maybe a trained stylist could make this work better. As for the Coconut Serum, mine came totally solidified in the container--not what I expected for a 'serum,' but anyway...I heated it up in the microwave for a few seconds and it was liquified. I don't really like the smell (kind of lemon-waxy). I used about a quarter-sized amount (the container isn't that big) , and I didn't think that it made my hair shinier. It just didn't seem to do really anything to my hair. The one thing that I did notice that the 3 times that I used it, I had break-outs around my hairline and on my cheeks the next day. Again, these are just my experiences-- I love the concept, and I especially like that these are natural products and seem to have high quality ingredients.
ProsI love the concept, and I especially like that these are natural products and seem to have high quality ingredients.
ConsDiva Smooth is very sticky. Wear gloves to apply! Shine coconut serum is likely to be in solid form when you open the container (due to the coconut oil).
New Jersey
Diva Smooth
November 21, 2011
Did not like the Diva Smooth results of my hair ; even though I followed the directions and even left product on the hair for an additional 1 hour; hoping for better results.
ConsHair not smooth or silky after Flat ironing after applying Diva smooth and Coconut serum . Hair reverted back 2 days later in cool east coast temperatures in November. After flat ironing again using Coconut serum ;same results obtained that could have been obtained without using Diva Smooth.
By GiGi
San Jose, California
Diva and lovin it
November 19, 2011
I love the way it makes my hair look
Prosit softens my hair
By Brigette
Laurel, Md
Best hair product ever!
November 4, 2011
I have been using Diva Smooth for about 2 years now and I love it, my hair is natural and I didn't want to keep putting unhealthy stuff in my hair, Janelle Beauty has come up with a great product. I hope Treasured Locks will get more of Janelle Beauty products.
By Marlene Tyler
Atlanta, GA
The Diva Set
October 27, 2011
This is a natural ingredient product line, so I was surprised that it was recommended to use gloves and applicator brush to distribute through the hair. Well, the Diva Smooth is a product that I would have preferred to use in a salon. It is very heavy and sticky, much like honey. I was waiting for the swarm of bees. :-) I have only used it once and at the minimum, this is a good conditioning product. I actually love the Shine serum. However, this product, made with coconut oil (a saturated fst) has been in a solid state since I received it but it is still very effective in softening and promoting shine.
Merchant Response:In cooler temperatures, the product can get a little thick (like honey does). Placing the bottle in warm water for a while will thin the product out.
ProsShine - a little goes a long way.
ConsDiva Smooth - very gummy.
Diva Smooth and Shine Coconut Serum Set
October 26, 2011
I tried this product over the weekend, applying to dry hair (that was difficult because I have very thick hair) and I didn't use the entire bottle. I sat under heat for the recommended time (about 45 min). After I rinsed it out I could tell that my natural hair was not as "puffy" as it usually is. I was able to blow dry and comb it easily. I used the Coconut Serum during the flat iron process and it seemed to work pretty well. I was satisfied with my overall results however, I think that I will try it on wet hair next time and use the entire bottle. I have high hopes for this product!!
Prosit's natural, smells nice
Conslabel is difficult to read, it's expensive

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